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Tallinn and Tartu are combining their mobility services into one app

Tallinn and Tartu are combining their mobility services into one app

Estonia’s two main cities are integrating digitally in the name of MaaS

The cities of Tallinn and Tartu announced that they had signed an agreement for the development of a common app where users can consult, plan and purchase tickets for mobility services available in both municipalities with a single click. The mobility services platform thus will represent a viable integration between the offers of the various transport actors in those cities so they can provide true convenience for the user.

One planner, one payment – two cities

The idea behind the Mobility as a service (MaaS) app is to present the public transport options available in Estonia’s two major cities as a comprehensive whole and as a real rival to private car ownership. It will not be an integration of companies and a monopoly but simplifying the idea of public transit for the general public – its main target and audience.

"Our goal is to create a platform that helps each person to combine different modes of movement in the most convenient way to reach their desired destination," said Tallinn Deputy Mayor Tanel Kiik. 

He added: "In order to do this, the information systems of all public transport companies and providers of other means of movement must be put in communication with each other so that the mobile application that connects them can tailor itineraries that take everyone's needs into account. In addition to buses, trolleys, trams and trains, taxis and scooters, for example, must also be included."

The amount of the contract for the app’s development is 120,000 euros, plus VAT. The European Regional Development Fund co-finances part of the procurement volume through the activity of supporting innovation-promoting procurements, and the other half is jointly covered by the cities of Tallinn and Tartu, so that Tallinn's part of the project financing is one-third and Tartu's part - one-sixth. 



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