A fifth of the participatory budget ideas are aimed at children and young people, Source:

Tallinn's 2022 participatory budget focused on greenery, outdoor sports and recreation

Tallinn's 2022 participatory budget focused on greenery, outdoor sports and recreation

The winning ideas with most citizens’ votes will share EUR 1 million, an increase of EUR 200,000 over last year’s budget

The Tallinn City Government approved at its session on Wednesday the results of the vote on the city’s participatory budget for year 2022. Generally, residents of the Estonian capital supported projects that would bring more greenery, outdoor sports and recreation equipment and amenities to parks and other recreational areas.

11,140 residents voted for improvements in their districts

"I would like to thank everyone who took part in the participatory budgeting process, both those who proposed ideas and those who voted for them. I am glad that people care about their community and are actively involved in shaping the urban space," said Mayor of Tallinn Mihhail Kõlvart, as quoted by the city website. "Participatory budgeting gives us the insights of how people aspire their hometown to look in the future and gives people the opportunity to participate in the decision-making process."

A total of 11,140 Tallinn residents aged 14 or over took part in Tallinn's participatory budget vote. The vast majority of them – 10,777 people – voted electronically and 363 on paper. A total of 132 ideas were put to the vote in the eight districts. A third of the ideas on the ballot concerned the urban environment, a fifth targeted children and youths, and another fifth were aimed at improving sports facilities. 

The project which has received the most votes in each district will be funded from the city's overall 2022 budget and will be implemented in the following year. Tallinn's Participatory Budget for 2022 is set at EUR 1 million – an increase of EUR 200,000 over last year’s budget. Three quarters of the total amount will be distributed equally between the districts, and one quarter will be allocated depending on a district’s population size.

Winning ideas

These are the ideas that have received the most votes by district:

  • Haabersti – Creating attractive and environmentally friendly beach areas and outdoor showers on Kakumäe beach. 
  • City Centre – Planting more trees in the city-owned downtown parks, streetscapes and lawns between intersections. 
  • Kristiine – Building three outdoor gyms with variable weights providing quality of training on a par with indoor gyms. 
  • Lasnamäe - Installing public toilets next to larger playgrounds in local parks. 
  • Mustamäe – Building an outdoor sports hall in the Tervise 21 sports building in Sütiste forest which would rival the quality of an indoor sports hall. 
  • Nõmme – Extending the observation platform on the upper floor of the ski jump tower (Vana-Mustamäe 16) for use by athletes and residents alike. 
  • Pirita – Creating an outdoor school park in the courtyard of the Pirita Economic Secondary School, complete with climbing attractions, seating areas and bike lanes. 
  • Põhja-Tallinn – Creating a Japanese-style mini-garden with a sustainable composition of species.



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