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Tallinn’s upcoming film complex added to list of cultural objects of national importance

Tallinn’s upcoming film complex added to list of cultural objects of national importance

The Tallinn Film Wonderland campus may be completed within two years at an estimated cost of EUR 13.6 million

The Riigikogu (Estonian parliament) has approved the list of cultural objects of national importance slated for construction or renovation, adding Tallinn Film Campus to it.

Baltic’s best

The project, carried out by Tallinn Film Wonderland in cooperation with the City of Tallinn, envisages a complex of film studios and a film campus to be built at Kopli Street 35 in Tallinn. The aim of the film industry hub, billed as the largest and the most advanced in the Baltic region, is to attract the cream of international film, TV and advertising production to Estonia.

The film campus ranks fifth on the list which is headed by Südalinna Cultural Centre of Tartu and is thus last in the line for state support. Nevertheless, the project’s organizers will not stand on the sidelines waiting for higher-ranked buildings to be completed first.

Tallinn City pays, gets reimbursed

As Tallinn Film Wonderland CEO Gren Noormets has told BNS,  the place on the list only concerns funding, while each project is free to set the pace of construction. And the film company has an agreement with Tallinn that the city will initially pay for the construction works and then get reimbursed by Tallinn Film Wonderland with the support money it is to receive from the state.

This is a no-lose situation, as the designated site at Kopli Street 35 belongs to the city-owned industrial parks company Tallinna Toostuspargid. Under the agreement, the campus will remain municipal property, whereas Tallinn Film Wonderland will be granted the right of superficies.

According to an estimate made in February and March, the construction cost would amount to EUR 13.6 million. But given the rise in construction prices amid Estonia’s record inflation within the eurozone, the final tally may be higher.

Moreover, according to Noormets, the initial assessment has only included the construction price of the building, leaving out the costs of studio equipment and renovation of old buildings.

Hollywood is welcome

Regarding the prospects of the campus’ completion, the most optimistic scenario points to the end of next year, while Tallinn Film Wonderland’s CEO says construction will more likely take full two years.

Noormets is quick to note that this is only the first stage in the development of the new film industry hub. In the future, there are plans to expand the campus and set up even larger studios to grab the attention of major US production companies.



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