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Tallinn will be the European Capital of Sports in 2025

Tallinn will be the European Capital of Sports in 2025

The Estonian capital was praised for its unique sport urban planning design

Yesterday, representatives from Tallinn received the plaque confirming the city’s status as the European Capital of Sport 2025. In fact, it was mayor Mihhail Kõlvart himself who went to Brussels to accept the recognition giving start to the preparatory stage for the annual event.

According to the mayor, Tallinn has already started preparations for the European Sports Capital title year. "Our goal is to organize various sports events and activities throughout the year, which would provide exciting moments for both athletes and all fellow citizens.”

He added: "In the coming year, in 2023, Tallinn will also be the Green capital of Europe. In order to ensure a sustainable and healthy society now and in the future, we must support and contribute to a way of life that is both environmentally friendly and supports exercise. But this requires long-term and consistent work, and Tallinn will strive and act for this in the next and all subsequent years."

Urban development on several fronts

As is visible from the mayor’s words, the Estonian capital has a couple of busy years ahead in its agenda. This spring, Tallinn submitted an application for European Sports Capital 2025 as a city that develops and contributes to sports and values ​​a healthy and active lifestyle. 

The application gave a comprehensive overview of the current activities, infrastructure and plans of Tallinn's sports sector. The validation committee that evaluated the suitability for the Sports Capital found that Tallinn deserves the title and thus can be an example for all other European cities.

ACES Europe, the non-profit that organized the contest and grants the annual sports capital titleship to different cities, had stated that Tallinn deserved the win due to its “unique sport urban planning design, lots of sport participation, investment and top quality events.”



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