Tampere’s city app now boasts wide range of new options

Tampere’s city app now boasts wide range of new options

It can now measure your carbon footprint and can help you reduce your environmental impact

Tampere.Finland is the Finnish city of Tampere’s mobile app – it provides users with a vast array of services, options and opportunities. Simply put, it’s the perfect tool one can use when looking for things to do in the city – regardless of whether you’re a local, or are just visiting, you’re always bound to find something of interest.

New additions and upgrades

Withing Tampere.Finland you’ll find all that one might expect from an application developed by a city – it provides information on upcoming events, gives users an opportunity to check the timetables and routes of the local public transport network and allows them to find parking spaces, routes and many different guides to the city.

Now, however, the app features something quite unique. Its latest addition allows users to calculate their carbon footprint based on the paths they are planning to take and the modes of transport they can use. For example, it calculates how much CO2 one would generate by using a car and compares it to the effects of walking or cycling to the desired destination.

Not only that, but the carbon calculator also boasts a competitive element. Users can track their CO2 usage and compare it to other citizens who are also using the app. The ranking system provides yet another incentive for people to choose more sustainable and climate-friendly modes of transport and serves to ensure that Tampere will be able to meet its climate targets – namely to become carbon neutral by 2030.

But what’s next for the city app, you might ask. In the next update, developers are planning to introduce a new feature that would allow citizens to directly participate in city planning and the management of their own neighbourhoods, thus bringing the business of local government even closer to citizens.

Thanks to new additions and constant and useful updates, Tampere.Finland is rapidly growing in popularity and currently boasts over 35,000 downloads.




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