Tarragona programme, Source: Ajuntament de Tarragona

Tarragona encourages entrepreneurial spirit among its youth

Tarragona encourages entrepreneurial spirit among its youth

Multi-partner initiative will reward the brightest talents

The Catalonian city of Tarragona has an open call, aimed at residents aged between 18 and 31 years, that accepts any innovative business idea. 40 places in a specially designed training program have been provided for those youngsters who can impress the jury with their creative solution for implementations on the free market. The deadline for applications is until this Friday, 11 December.

The name of the programme, ‘Youth with solutions’, says it all

Encouraging interest in the workings of the business field, and not only from a traditional point of view, is likely to give the best results among the generations of tomorrow, those who will be living and working with the principles of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, sustainable economy and whatever other changes would appear in the meantime to the established norms of the market economies.

That is why the Tarragona authorities would like to give an early start to those bright minds who show a genuine interest and dedication not only to the concept of doing business but doing it in a way that might benefit society in unexpected ways.

The call beneficiaries will get the opportunity to train and acquire new skills as part of the ‘Youth with solutions’ Explorer programme and further their sustainable business idea towards market realization.

Acting locally but thinking globally will not just be an empty cliché given that the participants will get the chance to interact and exchange ideas with similar peer participants in the American and European Explorer Spaces. And the cherry on the top of that cake? The finalist from each of the Spaces will get to go on an Explorer Trip during the summer of 2021 and spend a week at a renowned European innovation hub.

Both individual and group projects can apply for the programme in question. Once the business idea is developed, it should be submitted online by going to, where they will find all the necessary information.



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