Taurage birthday, Source: Taurage Municipality

Tauragė is celebrating its 512th birthday

Tauragė is celebrating its 512th birthday

Participate in all sorts of events over the weekend to commemorate the birthday of Tauragė

For the 512th birthday of the city, Tauragė city council and local businesses have prepared a very special programme, jam-packed with activities. Local authorities have gone above and beyond to popularise the city outside the borders of Lithuania. Delegations and performers will be arriving from all across Europe to attend the celebrations in the centre of the centuries-old city.

Celebrations begin on Friday with the UNICEF Children’s race and will be followed by a concert of old traditional Lithuanian songs. The performance will be illuminated by the new fountain at the centre of the city square.

On Saturday, prepare yourselves for something radically different, as the roar of motorcycles will be heard everywhere in Tauragė. The event “Rising Thunder 2019-Cutom Bike Showe” will be attended by a wide audience from all over Europe – Germany, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia. The day will be closed out with yet another concert, carried out by world famous DJs and performers who have been invited to the city.

The celebrations will end on Sunday with a final massive concert, performed by local art troupes, groups, performance artists and others. Of course throughout all three days, multitudes of activities have also been planned – sports competitions, army orchestra performances, exhibitions, picnics etc. There are also free attractions places for the children – carousels, trampolines and others.

Don’t miss out on this great event, celebrating the 512th birthday of Tauragė!

For more information, check out the municipality’s website.



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