Tesla electric charging station

Tesla heads to Romania

Tesla heads to Romania

Four Romanian cities will soon boast Tesla electric charging stations as the company prepares to open its first offices in the country

Tesla is preparing to launch its operations in Romania by establishing a presence not only through its offices but also via its tech. Over the course of 2021, 4 Romanian cities will have Tesla charging stations installed within their premises as a precursor to what is to come with the company’s arrival.

Arriving in style

Back in December 2020, Tesla published 5 job openings for a showroom and service in the Romanian capital of Bucharest, stating that the company is getting ready to enter the country’s market.

This announcement has been followed up by the revelation that Tesla charging stations will be installed in 4 of Romania’s largest cities – an effective way of heralding the company’s arrival on the Balkans. The four cities that will soon boast these stations are Bucharest, Timisoara, Pitesti and Sibiu.

The first of the charging stations will be deployed in the first quarter of 2021 in Timisoara, while the rest will be established in the 2nd quarter of the year in the three other major urban areas.

The job openings and the establishment of the charging stations come after years of rumours circulating that Tesla is getting ready to make a foothold in Romania and are the culmination of many interested parties’ efforts in attracting foreign high-profile capital to the country.

Romania has already proven itself an avid fan of the company’s services with the sales of Tesla products increasing by more than 250% throughout 2020 thanks to an exceptionally aggressive government campaign offering 10,000-euro subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles.

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