NEB prizes, Source: European Commission

The 2021 New European Bauhaus Prizes were launched today

The 2021 New European Bauhaus Prizes were launched today

These will be the culmination of the co-design phase

Earlier today, European Commissioners Elisa Ferreira and Mariya Gabriel took the floor at the start of the second, and last, day of the virtual NEB Conference in order to present the New European Bauhaus Prizes. The prizes run a broad gamut of categories (10 in total) duplicated in two strands, so that the widest variety possible of creative and forward-thinking people, groups and organizations could identify with their scope, and as a consequence, also with the NEB initiative’s ambitions.

The Prizes will reward both youth and experience

As an introduction, the Commissioners reminded the audience about the European Green Deal and how it is meant to represent the current Commission’s growth strategy in a way that will last for generations ahead. NEB is the cultural expression of this growth effort so that no one will be left behind on the continent.

Elisa Ferreira and Mariya Gabriel thanked everyone who had already joined the conversation on the new movement with their ideas, experiences and aspirations. It flowed naturally that the idea behind the Prizes was to reward the great examples of design that combine the three virtues of NEB: sustainability, style and social inclusion. Making sustainability practical and stylish for everyone, in their opinion, would be best achieved if we looked for inspiration to both old and new practices.

The New European Bauhaus Prizes will be given out in the following 10 categories:

  • Techniques and materials
  • Building a spirit of circularity
  • Solutions for the co-evolution of built environment and nature
  • Regenerated urban and rural spaces
  • Preserved and transformed cultural heritage
  • Products and lifestyle
  • Reinvented places to meet and share
  • Culture, art and communities
  • Modular, adaptable and mobile living solutions
  • Interdisciplinary education models

What ultimately stands at the core of each one of them and unites them is the theme of innovation. The two parallel strands are the New European Bauhaus Awards that will recognize existing achievements, and New European Bauhaus Rising Stars - dedicated to young people, visionaries and talents under 30.

There will be one winner per category from each strand, with the Awards granting 30 000 euros, whereas the Rising Stars will receive 15 000 euros. In addition, the winners can expect a communication package to help them promote their work.

Applications must be submitted by individuals or organizations entitled to represent the initiative, and their application should contain an explanation of their role in the project. The deadline for submissions is 31 May 2021, and it is open to EU and non-EU residents, as long as the proposed projects will take place on EU territory.

Applications can be submitted online at the dedicated platform.



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