Girafe: one of the most luxurious and romantic restaurants in the City of Love, Source: Adrien Dirand

The 3 most romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Paris

The 3 most romantic restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Paris

Offering exquisite views and remarkable food, they will guarantee an unforgettable evening

Known as the City of Love, Paris is considered to be the most romantic destination in the world. For this reason, it is not surprising that in February – and more particularly, around Valentine’s Day – couples from all over the globe make their way to the French capital to celebrate their love.

Searching where one can spend an unforgettable evening with their other half, TheMayor.EU has found the most romantic and luxurious restaurants in Paris. Whether you are looking to have an intimate dinner with your partner or are planning to pop the question, these restaurants offer the perfect setting for an extraordinary evening.

La Tour D'ArgentThe interior of La Tour d'Argent (Source: La Tour d'Argent)

La Tour d’Argent

Founded in 1582, La Tour d’Argent is ideal for those who want to have an experience they will never forget. Besides its Michelin-starred food, unparalleled views of the Seine, and exceptional service, La Tour d’Argent offers something unique: the ability to dine in Paris’ oldest restaurant.

La Tour d'ArgentCrêpes Mademoiselle (Source: La Tour d'Argent)

“It’s the oldest restaurant in Paris, and it has a very strong history. It’s a part of the French culture and a symbol of French cuisine all around the world,” shared Press Officer Marion Effray, explaining what makes La Tour d’Argent stand out.

When asked what she would recommend couples try out this Valentine’s Day, Effray replied: “With no doubt, the Crêpes Mademoiselle which are made just in front of you in the restaurant”.

Girafe ParisGirafe (Source: Adrien Dirand)


With its high ceilings, indoor plants, velvet furniture, and marble bar, this restaurant has a distinctive 1930s décor that transports you through time. What is more, it is the ideal place for those who want to have a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower as they dine alongside the love of their life.

GirafeGirafe's terrace (Source: Adrien Dirand)

As seen in the photograph above, the terrace of this seafood restaurant offers one of the most romantic settings in the city. Girafe’s architect Joseph Dirand comments on this, noting that it “invites the Eiffel Tower at your table”.

Le Jules VerneLe Jules Verne (Source: Marie-Line Sina)

Le Jules Verne

This restaurant gives you the chance to experience the Eiffel Tower in another way; that is, rather than looking at it from afar, you could dine inside it. Explaining what makes Le Jules Verne special, Michelin-starred Chef Frédéric Anton tells us:

"The restaurant Le Jules Verne is unique as it is located at the top of one of the most emblematic monuments in the world, the Eiffel Tower, and it proposes a wonderful view of Paris and a gastronomic experience. Le Jules Verne is the perfect spot for a memorable Valentine's Day."

La LangoustineLa Langoustine (Source: Richard Haughton)

Chef Frédéric Anton further revealed that he has prepared a special menu for this Valentine’s Day, featuring Le Jules Verne’s most-loved dish, La Langoustine.

So, if you are lucky enough to be in Paris and in love during this time of the year (and after countless months of COVID-related stress), do not miss the opportunity to visit these gems and experience something unforgettable.



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