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The air is free in Sweden so why not get more of it

The air is free in Sweden so why not get more of it

That is the message behind a new national campaign inviting people to spend more time outdoors

A new national campaign in Sweden has declared the year 2021 to be the year of living and exploring the great outdoors of this Nordic country. And surely, there is plenty of it to explore and people must be itching after the wild ride of pandemic restrictions which have stifled life during this winter.

The campaign carries the message: ‘The air is free’, referring perhaps to the old adage that best things in life do not cost money, so why not get more of it? Another thing that is free is access to public land in the country, which is a great motivation to explore and venture further out, engage in sports or camping.

The goal of the campaign is to get 10% more Swedes outdoors than in previous years

Many people must be itching to stretch their legs and explore the outdoors, yet as we can see from the city of Borås, the start of the campaign will nonetheless be given in what has become a typical format these days – online.

Today, 13 February at 3 pm, the local municipal website will broadcast a live event which will consist of pre-recorded videos, showcasing the outdoor attractions of Borås, such as the Rya åsar nature reserve or the Boda ice skating rink.

The organizers have also promised a live competition in which participants will have to do some virtual orienteering and find a live reporter hiding somewhere by solving a series of clues. The winners can get prizes, such as a smartwatch, flashlights and aluminium bottles – the type of accessories that make a stroll in nature easier.

In general, Swedes are known to be outdoorsy people, so the campaign is targeting certain groups, which can still benefit from a reminder about the beauties of the wild in the Scandinavian countries as an additional motivator. These groups are children between the ages 10-13, adults who make decisions about the children’s outdoor life (parents and teachers), and people from a foreign background.

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