Mayor of the Year 2021 Award, Source: Brand Media Bulgaria

The Bulgarian “Mayor of the Year” 2021 Awards are just around the corner

The Bulgarian “Mayor of the Year” 2021 Awards are just around the corner

“Mayor of the Year” is an important bridge between municipalities and the citizens and a chance to showcase and share regional governments' best practices

For the ninth year in a row, Bulgarian citizens will have the chance to vote in appreciation of their local governments. The vote will start on 27 September and will last until 13 October, with the awards ceremony for the country's "Mayor of the Year" taking place on 15 October. The competition is organised by, a national media focusing on municipalities and local administrations, to promote and cover the best regional practices in the country.

TheMayor.EU – the European portal for cities and citizens is an official partner of the event.

Connecting local authorities and communities

Anyone in Bulgaria over the age of 18 and with access to the Internet can cast a vote. Throughout its history, "Mayor of the Year" has become an important bridge between local authorities, institutions in the country and citizens.

It has helped regional governments share ideas for bettering the lives of Bulgarian citizens. “Mayor of the Year” is now an informal network of local institutions where they can showcase what they have accomplished during the past year.

To offset the population disparities between cities and towns, the 265 Bulgarian municipalities are divided into three categories – Small (up to 20,000 residents), Medium (between 20,000 and 50,000) and Large (over 50,000).

Last year’s edition notably reflected the realities of the pandemic, and how local governments handled their response to COVID-19 became an important point of contention in Bulgaria and the European Union. This year, the seven categories also reflect a shift in policymakers' long-term agendas, as they include a ‘Green Municipality’ category.

Here are the seven categories in which local authorities are competing for a prize:

  • Mayor of the Year;
  • Mayor of the Citizens;
  • Smart City;
  • Sports and Youth Initiatives;
  • Urban Environment;
  • Tourism and Culture;
  • Green Municipality.



Growing City


Smart City


Green City


Social City


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