The City as a Data Field, Source: BUERO41A

The City as a Data Field: Graz Museum shows us what the future might be like

The City as a Data Field: Graz Museum shows us what the future might be like

A new exhibition in Graz Museum

On 26 March, Graz Museum presented the exhibition “The City as a Data Field - How we want to live in the future” at a press conference. In eleven rooms, the museum gives the visitors an opportunity to see how the city will change in the future within our own lifetimes.

The exhibition's narrative is based on images suggested by Vilém Flusser, a philosopher of science, and his plea for "designing fate" and "venturing utopia" as playful testing of alternate possibilities for a "decent" existence in response to the crisis.

Voting marble on whether technology makes the world better

In each room, there is a QR code that will lead visitors to themed tours, as well as permanently installed tablets for further discussions. Furthermore, as a visitor, you get a marble that you can put into a box in the final room - and thus answer the question of whether technology and science will help create a better world or not.

The city is conceived from a wide variety of data - one can certainly puzzle over which well-known Graz buildings are shown on the ground in cartographic outlines - a different type of data processing. For City Councilor for Culture Günter Riegler (ÖVP) it is also a question of how the future will change through digitisation since data is constantly being enquired and recorded in our world.

The designers will not stop with the exhibition in the Graz Museum. After its end, there will be a ten-week discourse festival on the topics of the exhibition rooms, held partly in the GrazMuseum and in GrazMuseum Schloßberg, as well as at prominent cultural locations, including lectures on individual topics and featuring initiatives from the city.

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