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The Dolenjska Museum aims to preserve the memory of the quarantine

The Dolenjska Museum aims to preserve the memory of the quarantine

Citizens of the Dolenjska region are asked to submit photos to the regional museum that will give future generations a glimpse of what their ancestors went through

With the coronavirus outbreak currently going on everyone is aware that we live in unprecedented times. The last similar pandemic was during the 1920s when the Spanish flu ravaged through Europe and caused unparalleled chaos – and it is a period that has been meticulously documented by researches and historians. So why should the current pandemic be any different?

The Dolenjska regional museum wants to preserve not only the scientific facts of the pandemic in its exhibitions but also the lives of citizens who were forced into self-isolation and quarantine. It wants future generations to be able to look back to what their ancestors were going through in these unprecedented times.

An appeal to citizens

To achieve its goals, however, the museum’s curators need the aid of citizens. That is why it has issued a call to anyone who wants to take part in forming the Dolenjska regional museum’s new collection to send photos of their daily lives to the institution.

More specifically, the museum’s personnel want anyone living in the Dolenjska regions to send them photos of their home self-isolation environment, of their surrounding streets, pictures taken from their terraces and balconies and other similar vistas.

Furthermore, if you’re one of the few who is forced to venture outside and explore the outside world, don’t miss out on the chance to take a few pictures. But as the museum’s administration points out, do not, in any way, contradict the safety measures imposed by local, regional and national authorities.

Upon sending your materials to, don’t forget to also include the date of when the picture was taken, the place and the name of the author.



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