PostNL delivers parcels in the city center of The Hague with small, emission-free LEFVs, Source: City of The Hague

The Dutch Post now delivers sustainably in The Hague

The Dutch Post now delivers sustainably in The Hague

By using small emission-free electric freight vehicles within the city

As of early July, PostNL delivers parcels in the city centre of The Hague using small, emission-free LEFVs (light electric freight vehicles), as the municipal website informs. Said vehicles are small, easy to manoeuvre, clean and quiet, hence they do not disturb life in the city centre while delivering to end customers.

The company claims that 96% of its deliveries of mail and letters to home addresses are now emission-free.

Sustainable last mile deliveries in more and more cities in The Netherlands

Last month, The Hague became the third city in The Netherlands after Arnhem and Groningen where PostNL delivers parcels with LEFVs. The vehicles are produced in the Netherlands and have been further developed especially the carrier for parcel delivery.

The parcels are transported from the PostNL parcel sorting centre in Den Hoorn to the small LEFV city hub in Uitenhagestraat on the edge of the centre of The Hague. The hub, which opened in 2020, supplies about 220 locations in the city of the central government and other governments and companies.

Suppliers can deliver their goods (stable office supplies such as printer paper and sanitary products) for companies to the hub on the outskirts of the city where everything is bundled. From then on, the parcels are delivered in a sustainable manner to customers and businesses. This saves transport movements and CO₂ emissions in the city, because the goods are delivered in one go with the small electric trucks.

The LEFVs mobilised in The Hague are part of PostNL's fleet of over 2,100 electric vehicles. In addition, 50% of their own vehicle fleet uses biogas, BIO-LNG, sustainable fuel or moves on electricity.

Thanks to their sustainable sorting centres, mail and parcels are sorted with zero emissions. On top of this, the company relies more and more on deliveries with small, sustainable vehicles such as cargo bikes and LEFVs for urban centres.

Finally, not only city authorities are happy with the reduced emissions. Postal drivers are also content with the ease with which the small vehicles can be operated. Their quiet mode and manoeuvrability are also appreciated by other road users, such as cyclists.



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