The European Week of Regions and Cities is here!, Source: European Week of Regions and Cities, on Flickr (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0 DEED)

The European Week of Regions and Cities kicks off today

The European Week of Regions and Cities kicks off today

Check out some programme highlights that are sure to be of interest to anyone passionate about local matters with a global impact

Today, the 21st edition of the European Week of Regions and Cities is getting ready to launch. The opening shot will be a welcoming speech by Vasco Alves Cordeiro, President of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), in which it is expected that he will trace the state of things in Europe of the local scale.

As for the European Week event itself, it promises to be big and to have something for everyone’s taste. There will be 312 sessions, over 451 speakers from across the EU and beyond, 256 hours of interactive conferences, 12 high-level sessions, including a Citizens' Dialogue with the Commissioner, and 49 stands showcasing stories and testimonials of projects on the ground.

The Week (9-12 October) will revolve around six key thematic topics: regions in post-industrial transition, local energy shift for security and sustainability, promoting social innovation, retaining talent for regional growth, small and mid-size urban centres driving growth, and breaking barriers to cross-border cooperation.

While online registration has closed, you can still secure your seat through onsite registration.

Agenda highlights

The opening session today will seek to provide insight into the question: What does Cohesion do for EU cities and regions? You can watch it live here.

President Alves Cordeiro will present this year’s report on the State of Regions and Cities. It will be accompanied by a survey of nearly 3,000 local and regional representatives, presenting the views of local and regional authorities on key issues affecting citizens on the ground across the European Union. 

The President of CoR will also preside over the works of the 157th Plenary Session, that will take place on 10 and 11 October, and feature a debate and approval of a resolution on the state of the EU's regions and cities.

  • Citizen's Dialogue: Engage in discussions about brain drain, challenges faced by young people, and their decision regarding their place of origin. EU Commissioner for Cohesion Elisa Ferreira will join this dialogue.
  • Megalizzi-Niedzielski Prize: Honor the memory of Antonio Megalizzi and Bartek Piotr Orent Niedzielski, two young European journalists who deeply believed in the EU project. The prize will be awarded to promising journalists who share their enthusiasm.
  • Transformational challenges: Explore six thematic sessions dedicated to the transformational challenges that Cohesion Policy supports regions in overcoming. Topics include: Regions in post industrial transition, Retaining talent for regional growth, Breaking barriers to cross-border cooperation, and more.
  • Closing session: Don't miss the grand finale on 12 October at the Gold Hall of the Square Convention Centre. Join the culmination of Thriving Regions, Stronger Europe and the outcomes of the dedicated thematic sessions.

Make sure you follow the European Week of Cities and Regions and make the best out of this rare informative opportunity to get in the know about developments in your local environment and the way they link to the larger changes affecting Europe and the world.



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