The truck was first presented in front of the City Hall in Cascais, Source: Cascais Municipality

The first 100% electric waste truck in Portugal debuts in Cascais

The first 100% electric waste truck in Portugal debuts in Cascais

The municipality is a pioneer on a national scale when it comes to welcoming sustainable mobility vehicles

Last week, the City Council of Cascais presented a 100% electric garbage truck with the announcement that it plans to implement a pilot project by employing the services of the vehicle to reduce air and noise pollution. The vehicle will thus become the first of its kind in all of Portugal.

The specified objectives and benefits are fairly clear, the pilot project itself is meant to test the effectiveness of the truck, more than anything else.

Cleaner waste management

Cascais Ambiente (the city’s waste management services) and Volvo, represented by Auto Sueco Portugal, will test, for three weeks, the first solid urban waste collection truck in the country to move powered by 100% electric energyThe aim is to collect various data on the effectiveness of this Volvo FE Electric truck in circulation so that the vehicle's capabilities can then be improved.

According to the Municipality of Cascais, this pioneering truck “is equipped with a superstructure for the collection of urban solid waste and has a gross weight of up to 27 tonnes, a power of 225 kW/300 hp and a range of up to 200 km”.

This truck represents a drop of hope, on the path to combating climate change”, said the mayor of Cascais, Carlos Carreiras.

For Cascais Ambiente, this project meets its climate and operational objectives, as well as the demands of the citizens, regarding the need for decarbonisation, noise reduction and theproliferation of friendlier transport in the urban environment

That municipality has already shown itself to be a pioneer when it comes to adopting new mobility technology. Two buses powered by hydrogen and a truck powered by Zero Diesel (a fuel developed from collected used cooking oil) are already in operation on its territory.



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