social store in Katowice agreement, Source: City of Katowice

The first “social store” in Katowice to see the light of day this autumn

The first “social store” in Katowice to see the light of day this autumn

It will be possible to purchase goods for prices below the market value

The Southern Polish city of Katowice is taking new actions to mitigate the economic effects of the coronavirus crisis and in particular its toll on the disadvantaged communities. As the city announced some days ago, they have signed a contract for the establishment of the first social store in Poland.

Shopping with dignity despite hardship

The subsidy agreement between the City of Katowice and the Free Place Foundation charity (Fundacją Wolne Miejsce) for the implementation of a plan called “Charity work” was signed on 20 August. The organisation, selected in July through an open tender competition to carry out the task, will be running the Katowice social store at 82 Tysiąclecia street.

First, they will renovate and equip the premises, while the opening of the store itself is expected in early October this year, depending on the epidemic situation. For its part, the city is expected to spend PLN 20 000 (4500 euros) on the task.

The idea behind the social shop is to meet the needs of persons experiencing permanent or temporary financial difficulties, poverty and life crises arising as the result of unforeseen events, such as an epidemic, job loss, sudden disability and the illness of a relative or a loved one. The first retail outlet of this type in Poland will allow for its clients to stock up on groceries, personal care products and household chemicals at prices below their market value.

Shopping in the social store will be available to people who meet the criteria agreed with the Free Place Foundation on the basis of special referrals or if they are on the list of people issued by the Municipal Social Welfare Centre.

Additionally, in justified situations, the Foundation itself will be able to allow people to make purchases in the social store. It is also expected that a monthly purchase value limit for each client will be introduced at some point.

In addition to shopping, a special zone is to be created at the store's premises, where customers of the store will also be able to sit down and enjoy a cup of good coffee.



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