Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten cycling around The Hague, Source: Valerie Kuypers / City of The Hague

The Hague earmarks 65 million euros for cycling

The Hague earmarks 65 million euros for cycling

The Dutch city wants “Plenty of space for cycling”

At least 65 million euros – this is the amount that the City of The Hague will be investing in cycling over the next five years. The municipality wants to become a true cycling city, in which cycling is the most important way of getting around. This objective was outlined in a special plan, presented to Deputy Mayor Robert van Asten, responsible for Mobility earlier in December.

Making cycling attractive

Five years from now, The Hague will have plenty of space for cycling, according to the municipal plan bearing the same name - 'Plenty of space for cycling programme 2020-2025'. The municipality will be investing no less than 65 million in safe cycling infrastructure and facilities within this period, with the goal not only to assist the already practising cyclists but to support more people to take up the habit of using a bicycle to go to work, university or for tourism.

In particular, the city has set itself the objective of increasing cycling twofold by 2040. For this purpose, The Hague will be financing the improvement of existing routes and the creation of new ones on the territory of the city and region.

Furthermore, the municipality wants to:

  • improve the flow of traffic at intersections
  • ensure that cyclists and pedestrians do not get in each other’s way
  • replace 13 kilometres of brick cycle paths with paved paths
  • create 40 new parking facilities in neighbourhoods and shopping streets and by tram and bus stops.

Finally, targeted actions will be implemented in city areas where cycling is not as popular as elsewhere. These include bicycle lessons and service points, but also the provision of a bike to every child through the ANWB Children's Bicycle Plan.

According to Van Asten, quoted on the website of The Hague: “Cycling is only becoming more popular thanks to electric bikes, cargo bikes and bike-sharing. Cycling is healthy and cyclists do not cause any dangerous gas emissions. Bicycles also do not take up much space. By providing good cycle routes and by making cycling more accessible, we can ensure that even more residents choose to get around by bike.”



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