The Health Portal of Sofia Municipality with new functionalities and vision

The Health Portal of Sofia Municipality with new functionalities and vision

There are currently 20,000 registered users

The health portal, created by Sofia Municipality two years ago, now boasts new functionalities as well as a brand new look. They were presented at a special press conference by representatives of the Municipality. The platform gathers up-to-date information about all municipal medical centres in Sofia and the specialists working in them.

In the portal residents and guests of Sofia Municipality can find information about more than 800 doctors from 35 specialties who work in 37 municipal hospitals - multidisciplinary and specialized hospitals, medical centers as well as regular treatment hospitals. 500 specialists have provided schedules with review hours so patients can book an hour online. Other doctors have given telephones for contact.

Here are some of the new features of the myHealth Portal:

  • General practitioners doctors can now be involved;
  • A system for managing new user profiles was introduced - a doctor, a hospital administrator and a content management system through the portal interface;
  • Implementation of new users in the mobile application - notification of the doctor when booking an hour and reviewing and managing a schedule;
  • Notification to the Administrator for booked doctor hours;
  • Ability to view a patient's record with the results of consultations and studies grouped by profile;
  • Anyone can check his/her medical examinations and consultation after filling gender and age.

The search sections in the Health Portal are different, so it is possible to make different types of searches: for a specific specialist, by region or for a medical centre.

In myHealth Portal there is information and a map with the address of each hospital, contacts are given, as well as brief information for each specialist. The portal can also be accessed through the website of Sofia Municipality

Currently the portal has 20,000 registered users. According to traffic figures, over 80% of users return to reuse the page, which is a good testimonial for its functionality.



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