The editorial team presenting the first issue of the children's newspaper, Source: Municipality of Groningen

The kids of Groningen release their first newspaper

The kids of Groningen release their first newspaper

It is hoped that more youngsters will develop the love for reading

On Wednesday afternoon, April 21, Groningen Alderman Carine Bloemhoff received the first copy of Onze WereldKrant (the name roughly translates as Our World Newspaper). The newspaper was conceived and prepared for and by children from two of the Dutch city’s neighbourhoods.

The edition appears in the context of a general revival of these districts and aims to reflect on children’s needs and vision for the future.

A revival focused on the well-being of children

Earlier this month, Alderman Bloemhoff, responsible for the Old Neighbourhoods of Groningen, whose portfolio also includes education and participation, was honoured to receive the first issue of the children’s newspaper. She took the copy from its eight editors from Korrewegwijk and De Hoogte neighbourhoods. 

To produce the newspaper, the kids did most of the work by themselves: they came up with the name, wrote the content and also worked on the design. Accordingly, it places the wishes of children at centre stage.

The initiative is part of a larger effort for district renewal in Groningen, implemented by Mooi Wijken (meaning 'beautiful neighbourhoods'), the Municipality and GoeieBuurt - residents' cooperative that works to make Korrewegwijk and De Hoogte more child-friendly.

The project focuses on themes such as poverty, greenery and spending time outside, safety, positive growth and pleasant, sustainable and healthy living. Local residents, entrepreneurs, housing corporations, schools, police, municipality and many other parties are building and working together to make this a reality. With this newspaper, Mooi Wijken also wants to contribute to making reading more attractive among children as well as to their improved language development.

The editorial team, consisting of eight girls, are planning to release at least one more issue after the summer holidays. Should the results prove successful, the project might continue in 2022 as well.



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