Lobkowicz virtual tours, Source: The House of Lobkowicz

The Lobkowicz Collection offers virtual tours once a month

The Lobkowicz Collection offers virtual tours once a month

Tours take place in both Czech and English on the first Sunday of every month

Cultural institutions have been severely impacted by the pandemic in this past year. Galleries and museums around the world were forced to close their doors for an indefinite amount of time. The few that could open temporarily also saw a sharp decline in the number of visitors as many art lovers chose to stay home and protect themselves.

For this reason, the Lobkowicz Palace in Prague has decided to help alleviate the boredom and monotony caused by the pandemic not just in the Czech Republic but also all over the globe. More specifically, art lovers can join William Rudolf Lobkowicz for a virtual tour of the unique Lobkowicz Collections in both Czech and English.

The Lobkowicz Collections

On its website, the House of Lobkowicz explains that its Collections contain some of the rarest works from various centuries. Amongst these works, one can find paintings by Bruegel, Canaletto, Cranach, Rubens, and Velázquez. In addition to this, the Collections house weapons, ceramics, porcelain, woodcuts, and musical instruments.

In the virtual tours, one has the chance to see some of these works as well as musical scores with handwritten notes by some of the world’s greatest composers, Mozart and Beethoven. The tour’s attendees will not only gain access to these magnificent masterpieces, but they will also be able to listen to the fascinating story of the Lobkowicz family.

The Lobkowicz are one of the country’s most important aristocratic families. In the past, the family was forced to flee the Czech Republic on two occasions: once because of the Nazis and a second time because of the Communist regime. In the virtual tours, their story will be recounted as viewers will be told how the family returned home, recovered their property, and restored priceless works of art.

40-minute tours are conducted on the first Sunday of every month from 18:00 in Czech and 20:00 in English. The tours are followed by a 15-minute section where William Rudolf Lobkowicz speaks to the audience and answers their questions.

It must be noted that in addition to the Sunday tours, one can book an exclusive interactive private tour or a tailor-made programme. For more information on the various tours offered by the House of Lobkowicz, visit their website



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