Since 1989, the Glass Pyramid has been the only official entrance to the Louvre, Source: Unsplash

The Louvre limits visitor numbers to offer more peace and quiet

The Louvre limits visitor numbers to offer more peace and quiet

Hopefully, with that we will finally be able to see the Mona Lisa from up close

The Louvre Museum, in Paris, has announced significant changes to its visitors' policy with the aim of creating a more relaxed and less touristic experience for the art aficionados who decide to take a stroll in its corridors.

For one, the number of visitors allowed will be capped at 30,000 per day. Given that at its pre-Covid peak, the institution used to welcome some 45,000 persons in, this represents a reduction by a third.

What’s more, in order to ensure a better visitor experience, the working hours of the museum will be extended by one hour. Rather than the usual closing time at 6 pm, the Louvre will shut doors at 7 pm in order to draw in more local people, who are otherwise busy during the day with school or work.

Another change will be the addition of an extra entrance so that waiting lines can really be eliminated. The new entrance will be on the east side, opposite the Saint-Germain Auxerrois church. Through the new gateway, interest would also be directed to other wings, and not only those that house the three greatest masterpieces – Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo and the winged Victory (Nike) of Samothrace.

Some changes have already been implemented

The new circumstances won’t necessarily feel drastic because the Louvre management has explained to the media that they have already been in place for some time now without the public noticing it. Apparently, it was the COVID pandemic which naturally reduced visitor numbers and showed the staff how much more enjoyable the space is without the big crowds.

"The Louvre must start breathing in a new way," says director Laurence des Cars. According to her, the museum has started to look somewhat like crowded public transport, therefore everything possible should be done to increase the quality of visits and return the pleasure of being in a museum and admiring works of art.

The exhibits stored in the Louvre are about 480,000, of which only about 38,000 are on display. However, almost the complete catalogue of the museum has been uploaded to the Internet and can be viewed virtually.

It is estimated that to view its entire collection, 100 days are needed without sleeping or eating.



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