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TheMayor.EU will help to usher in the New European Bauhaus era

TheMayor.EU will help to usher in the New European Bauhaus era

On a mission to illuminate the connection between style and benefit in the green transformation of Europe

It’s official! TheMayor.EU is now a media partner to the recently announced New European Bauhaus initiative (NEB) of the European Commission. Those familiar with our portal know that we are always at the forefront of local innovation and the way it directly impacts citizens’ lives – which is why we are more than excited about this collaboration.

It will give us the chance to present you, the readers, with the latest developments from across Europe in the field of designing the urban spaces of the future. It will make you privy to details on how transformation is playing out in your neighbourhood, municipality and region or how this is working out for your fellow European residents in their respective corners.

Watch out for our new NEB dedicated section!

The New European Bauhaus initiative is all about giving style to the process of green transformation on the continent. A testament to that is the fact that it borrows its name from one of the many artistic movements which had originated in Europe. Quality of life here has always been measured not just in numbers but also in aesthetic appeal.

This is the chance for contemporary artists, engineers and designers to collaborate and come up with practical and appealing solutions to the sustainable transformation of public spaces. Their creations will have to be subsumed to the mainstay criteria of sustainability, quality of experience and inclusion in order to deserve the NEB seal, funding and our media attention.

We will be here to quickly inform you about and introduce you to such exciting projects with our ‘New European Bauhaus’ section. Stay on the lookout as prominent examples which meet the values of the initiative will be able to compete for award prizes this summer.

We will seek the creators’ point of view with interviews and provide you with informative editorial analyses, as well as with exciting visual content to help you and inspire you about this transformative era.

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