Admont library, Austria

The most famous Austrian library sets a new digital platform

The most famous Austrian library sets a new digital platform

The Admont Monastery in Upper Styria, Austria is becoming well-known around the world with a new digital marketing strategy

One the most famous landmarks in Austria and one of the top 10 most beautiful libraries around the world is located in the Admont Benedictine Abbey. It is now attracting interest that the whole region is benefiting from.

New digital forms

The new online platform will offer 360-degree tours with audio explanations to virtual visitors. These digital tours are not intended to replace the on-site experience, but rather provoke interest to visit the library and the monastery itself. The administration of the Benedictine monastery, where the famous library is located, aims to attract people from all parts of the world. Currently, most of the reservations in the area come from Austria.

Start-up company from Schladming

The software was developed by a start-up company from Schladming and this allows them to offer a modern and interactive cultural experience. “A sustainable, international cultural platform has been implemented,” said LightCyde's managing director Thomas Fischbacher.

Regional Adviser for Tourism and Economic Affairs Barbara Eibninger-Miedl (ÖVP) described the Admont Abbey Library as “an outstanding cultural asset that has a name all over the world”.

The online presence of the monastery

On the Facebook platform alone, the Benedictine monastery has gained almost 38 million people in two years.

“We Benedictines see it as our task to preserve valuable cultural assets and make them accessible to people. A task to which we have been committed for almost 950 years and through which we also significantly promote the tourist development of the region and the entire country,” said Abbot Gerhard Hafner about the cultural mediation mission of the Benedictine Abbey of Admont.

American media star Oprah Winfrey also recommended the destination for traveling to her book club members. And this happened without any advertising contract, emphasised the monastery in a statement.

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