Burgas , Source: Burgas Municipality

The new Burgas website offers exciting 360-degree tours

The new Burgas website offers exciting 360-degree tours

Useful information and interesting facts can be read at each point of the virtual route

The Bulgarian Municipality of Burgas offers exciting new virtual views from air and land on their website There you will find amazing 360-degree routes that will take you to Atanasovsko Lake, the Sea Garden, the Lighthouse and the island of St. Anastasia.

Explore and learn with one click

Now everyone can have a virtual stroll along the emblematic Bogoridi Boulevard in Burgas and enjoy the beautiful architectural, tourist and cultural-historical sites of the city, such as Expo Center "Flora", Duhtev's House, the Bridge, Cultural Center "Sea Casino", The Gramophone, The Festival of Sand Figures, The Sea Station, Tourist Complex "Akve Khalide" and many others. Useful information and interesting facts can be read at each of these points along the virtual route.

An online walk is also available through the Integrated City Platform of Burgas There you will also find real-time video streams and up-to-date information on city traffic, streets under renovation, parking and sports places, data on the level of water pools, clean air and water, places for separate disposal of household waste, weather forecast for the beach, current news and events in the city, as well as other useful information.

Visit Burgas in person

The site also has mobile versions for Android and iOS, including a VR option. The Municipality of Burgas invites people of any age or any nationality, after having enjoyed the virtual tour to come and visit the Black Sea city in person, too.

Burgas is the fourth largest city in Bulgaria, located on the Black Sea coast. Over the years, its strategic location has helped it develop as a convenient tourist destination that can be easily reached.        

Once they are in the city, tourists will surely want to see everything possible there - sights, attractions, places to relax, restaurants, events, etc. Fortunately, getting around the city is easy and also very pleasant.



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