City and regional governments can now apply to become Friends of the New European Bauhaus

The New European Bauhaus to bring regions, cities and businesses into its fold

The New European Bauhaus to bring regions, cities and businesses into its fold

The movement has Partners, now it also welcomes Friends

The New European Bauhaus has recently released a Call for Friends, with the aim of attracting and involving the private and public sectors in the ideas of the initiative that aims to transform the public spaces of Europe. The move aims to create a new category of participants in the ever-expanding family of members affiliated with the movement that values the principles of aesthetics, sustainability and inclusion.

The call means that for-profit organisations and public authorities can now apply to become an official Friend of the New European Bauhaus. The role of Friends will be to support the grassroots creative communities (which will still remain the driving engine of change) and act as sounding boards and key interlocutors for the initiative.

Outline of the NEB Friend’s role

Friends can recommend projects to partners and support them in several ways, for example by implementing projects in a region.

Friends subscribe and pledge to respond to strict environmental and social responsibilities. They promote the core values of the European Union: human rights, freedom, democracy, equality, and rule of law. Finally, they support the priorities of the European Union.

Friends offer support to several types of activities, for example:

  • by discussing how diverse professions and disciplines can interpret and enrich the initiative, i.e., by organising trans-disciplinary conversations, meetings, conferences;
  • by identifying projects and practices that follow the New European Bauhaus principles, and by sharing them with the public;
  • by co-creating with citizens and institutions beautiful, sustainable, inclusive living experiences;
  • by offering to host or sponsor NEBLab projects.

The Friends’ commitment, however, is not subject to and should not be understood as financial support. This once again seeks to emphasize the grassroots, voluntary and creative nature of the movement, which puts human needs and collective benefit frontstage.

Candidate entities that would like to join the movement are welcome to apply and express their motivation for doing so, as well as their willingness to form concrete partnerships with the creative communities on the ground. We urge municipal and regional authorities to apply now. There is no deadline, however, and the call will stay permanently open.

The expected result will be an ever-expanding family of stakeholders with a vested interest in the development of the New European Bauhaus into contemporary philosophy of change in the realm of public life. The Friends will join the initiative's existing community of 450 official partners (including TheMayor.EU), High-Level Roundtable members, Contact Points of the national governments, winners and finalists of the prizes, and beneficiaries of New European Bauhaus calls.



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