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The New European Bauhaus wants to hear from you

The New European Bauhaus wants to hear from you

Let the EU Commission know about examples, ideas and even feelings regarding the future design of our lives

It has been two months since the start of the New European Bauhaus and it is already steadily gaining steam. The beautiful thing about this initiative is that its organizers have taken a very democratic and direct approach to its unfolding.

That means that you, the citizen and the resident, can let the European Commission know exactly how you feel about sustainability and inclusion in the future, you can let it know what obstacles will lie ahead on the road to achieving these values, or you can give examples that in your opinion have stayed hidden for too long but deserve the attention of a wider audience from across the continent.

This time there is no meandering bureaucracy involved, it is, in fact, so simple that we might as well call it direct democracy. In this sense, the NEB wants to draw inspiration from the roots and reflect the multitude of ideas that constantly percolate in European communities – this is their platform.

Meanwhile, the NEB has also selected 18 experts to act as its community ambassadors

The idea of the organizers is to gather a large database stemming from the grassroots levels and get a larger picture of how Europeans feel about the initiative and the shape, or rather, the many shapes they would like it to take. The creative process is never a one-size-fits-all solution and that is the implication here.

Hundreds of examples, ideas and challenges have already been submitted in the past month and these three categories are the general guidelines on how you can think of orienting your submission. Naturally, you can submit proposals in either of the three categories (currently, more examples of challenges are needed).

The New European Bauhaus was also proud to announce that it now counts with its own High-level Roundtable composed of 18 experts, coming from a variety of countries, backgrounds and professional fields. In order to qualify, they had to submit their own visions for the future of public living spaces in terms of sustainability, aesthetics and inclusivity. They have also committed to the task of becoming community ambassadors and popularizing the values and goals of the NEB.

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