The Tuileries Garden is located next to the Louvre, Source: Depositphotos

The Olympic flame will burn in the Tuileries Garden

The Olympic flame will burn in the Tuileries Garden

The organizers had been considering different Parisian spots, but always with the idea of the flame being visible to the people

According to France24, citing AFP sources, the Olympic flame will burn bright at a spot in the Tuileries Garden of Paris, during the months of July and August – that is the duration of the Games.

"The Tuileries emerged as the first choice because of the ease of access for the public," the source said.

Overall, the novel idea of having the flame outside a stadium and in a prominent public space had been percolating around for a while. Different locations had been considered in the meantime, including the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre courtyard – iconic Parisian landmarks.

What makes the Tuileries Garden special?

Although the final decision is yet to be officially confirmed, the Tuileries Garden can also be considered an iconic spot in Paris. The choice of the historic park would also serve the goal of bringing the spirit of the Games closer to the residents and visitors of the French capital.

The park was designed in 1664 at the behest of the "Sun King" - Louis XIV - and is closely associated with the defunct French royal family, as well as the anti-monarchist Revolution of 1789.

France24, however, has not managed to find information on whether the flame would also be lit at the Tuileries Garden or whether the cauldron holding it would be moved there after the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The organisers of the grand sporting event are bent on making the Games truly iconic and distinctive in a way of honouring the centennial of Paris 1924. The event aims to be the first zero-waste and zero single-use plastic Olympic Games, as well as the first gender-equality Games in history.



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