A sunset over Vilnius, Source: Depositphotos

The people of Vilnius have spoken: We want a sunset viewing platform

The people of Vilnius have spoken: We want a sunset viewing platform

This was one of the more creative and unusual ideas set to take shape as a result of the second participatory budget initiative in the city

This year, Vilnius organized a participatory budget for its residents letting them decide how they would like to see their districts develop. It was the second such edition of the initiative and it gave birth to plenty of excellent and practical ideas, however, one that undoubtedly stands out is the Ribiški sunset observation site commissioned by the residents of the Rasos township in the eastern fringes of the city.

That district is bordered by a large hill, which makes it a popular sledging spot in winter. It also faces west, so locals have noticed that it is the best place in the Lithuanian capital to observe the sunset.

The residents would like that to be something that people notice and enjoy not only in winter, while they are zooming down the slopes but also in summer, so for this purpose, they proposed the creation of a comfortable viewing area. It will include benches and sunbeds when ready.  Urbanism and poetry – all rolled into one!

Other ideas from the participatory budget

Outdoor table tennis, fitness equipment in the backyard, balance swings for children, a legal street painting wall, a nature observation trail by the river and 43 other ideas proposed by the residents will also be implemented next year. To create them, residents had the opportunity to distribute over 300,000 euros.

Grigiškės District, for example, has the ambition to become an example of a "walking city" with interesting pedestrian routes, activities, and small architecture. Residents want to turn the currently abandoned 3 km Vokė riverbank into a nature observation trail called "Grigiškių Promenade".

It's becoming a better version of itself every day - that's how we see Vilnius, that's what Vilnius residents who are not indifferent to their city want it to be”. That’s how Lina Korizienė, Director of Administration of Vilnius Municipality, explained the enthusiasm and creativity behind the participatory budget proposals. 



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