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The Port of Valencia is also a mussel farm

The Port of Valencia is also a mussel farm

According to experts from the Polytechnical University of Valencia, these are the best of their kind in all of Spain

July is a ripe time for harvesting mussels and this year the Agrupación de Clotxiners del Port de València i Sagunt, an association of the mussel farmers, is expecting to produce 1200 tons. What is interesting is that the mollusks are grown within the Port of Valencia, which itself is a testament to the cleanliness of its waters.

The Mediterranean mussels are locally known as “clòtxinas

The black-shelled marine delicacies, which are quite popular in Spain, are produced in two main areas on the eastern coast of the country. One is located in the Ebro Delta and the other in the Gulf of Valencia, including the port of the city.

The nutrients of the port waters, quite rich in plankton, minerals and organic substances, are ideal for the growth of the clòtxinas, and for that, much appreciated by the producers of these mollusks,” explained José Luis Peiró, president of the Agrupación.

The quality of this product has been recognized even on a scientific level, as experts from the Polytechnical University of Valencia have declared that the salinity in the harbor waters contributes positively to the flavor, texture and aroma of the mussels. Their meat is a good source of vitamins, calcium, potassium iron, phosphorus, magnesium and Omega 3.

The mussels are grown on long ropes which are attached to floating platforms near the outlying docks of the part. Apart from salty waters, however, they also need clean environment in order to be considered of good quality. This is ensured by regular checks on part of the city Council for Agriculture, Rural Development, Climate Emergency and Ecological Transition.

The COVID-19 crisis had also affected the aquafarmers since their largest clients were the restaurants which had to be closed. But as José Luis Peiró said: “Now with the re-opening of these establishments the sales are recovering and we are confident that July and August will compensate part of the losses from the past months”.



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