Part of the process of setting up the spire base on the roof of Notre Dame de Paris, Source: Ville de Paris / Rebatir Notre-Dame de Paris

The reconstruction of the Parisian Notre Dame Cathedral spire has begun

The reconstruction of the Parisian Notre Dame Cathedral spire has begun

For this purpose, scaffolding will be raised until the end of the year with the help of reportedly the largest crane in Europe

Given the tumultuous past three years, some may have forgotten an event that briefly united humanity in grief and loss when the iconic Notre Dame de Paris cathedral caught fire. In fact, this past 15 April marked the fourth anniversary of this tragic event, and restoration work is still ongoing.

The good news, however, is that it is picking pace and the workers are ready to start the reconstruction of the tall spire that fell down during the calamity. In fact, the base of the future steeple has already been installed in the shape of a cross on the roof of the temple.

However, it’s going to take several months to build the entire scaffolding which will contain the spire. Parisians will see the scaffolding that will surround the spire of Notre-Dame de Paris cathedral, a masterpiece of oak timber frame, gradually rising into the sky of Paris, as it is built. Eventually, the scaffolding, weighing 600 tons, will culminate at а height of 100 meters.

The elements of the new base, scaffolding and spire are lifted individually by an 80-metre-tall crane, reportedly the largest in Europe, according to the Paris municipal website.

The 66-metre spire, which itself was the work of 19th-century restoration designed by architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc, will be recreated. After the fire, there was some speculation that the new spire could feature a contemporary design but ultimately it was decided to not mess with the heritage legacy.

The new steeple, just like the one that burned down, will be made from oak trees. In fact, 1000 such trees were sourced from forests in Champagne to create massive and sturdy wooden beams.

Restoration is right on schedule for Christmas 2024

Meanwhile, the scaffolding of the north and south arms of the transept and part of the nave and the choir galleries, whose restorations have now been completed, are now completely dismantled. 

All the beauty and richness of the restored interior volumes are thus revealed, while the restoration of the choir enclosure, a sculpted masterpiece of the 14th century, is coming to an end, the stone regains its fairness and the paintings of the chapels their original brilliance.

The cathedral’s organ and stained glasses are in the process of being cleaned. All in all, the restoration work seems to be going according to schedule. The plan is to have the Notre Dame de Paris return to form and function for religious services and visitations in December 2024 – just in time for Christmas.



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