The imposing building of the Romanian Parliament Palace, Source: Parlamentul Romaniei - Camera Deputatilor

The Romanian Parliament now has a chapel on its premises

The Romanian Parliament now has a chapel on its premises

Possibly making it the only legislature in the world with a religious temple on-site

Yesterday, Romania’s Orthodox religious leader, Patriarch Daniel, went to the country’s parliament to bless and officially inaugurate a chapel inside the imposing building. The newly consecrated chapel thus makes the legislature possibly the only one in the world with a religious temple on its premises.

This chapel represents both a place of worship and reflection for those active in the Parliament of Romania, as well as a symbol of our national values," said Prime Minister Marcel Ciolacu, who was at the inauguration, as quoted by

Place of spirituality for MPs

The construction of the chapel was approved by the leadership of the Chamber of Deputies, at the initiative of the acting president of the Chamber of Deputies, social democrat Alfred Simonis. It is located at level P, near the official entrance C1.

Romania is a predominantly Christian Orthodox nation although it does have some religious minorities as part of its population.

PM Ciolacu claimed that the creation of the chapel at the Parliament Palace was necessitated as a “testament to the crucial role spirituality plays in our daily lives”.

The Romanian Senate President Nicolae Ciucă, for his part, added that “this chapel helps us to be closer to God, and that means being closer to people. It's a space open to all who come to the Parliament of Romania, whether they come daily, occasionally, or just once. We all need to reflect from time to time and find moral support for our lives and the decisions we must make.

The chapel is dedicated to Saint Apostle Andrew, who is the official Protector of Romania. It will be under the canonical and administrative jurisdiction of the Archdiocese of Bucharest. 



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