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The Sports Palace of Granollers will receive an internal makeover

The Sports Palace of Granollers will receive an internal makeover

The works will be carried out so the sports center will be ready for the Women’s World Handball Cup in 2021

The municipal website of Granollers, a town located 32 kilometres northeast of Barcelona, has announced that renovation works on the interior of its sports centre, known as Palau d’Esports, have begun in preparation for the Women’s World Handball Championship in December 2021. This will include new flooring as well as new retractable seating.

The project, which consists of two parts, will cost more than 700 000 euros

The first stage of the renovation and adaptation works will be concerned with changing the wooden flooring of the central handball court. The floor, which has been degraded after years of usage, will be replaced with a new surface composed of two layers: the top, made of synthetic material and the bottom, made of wood.

This part of the project has been awarded to Broker Kirol for a price of 310 969.40 euros (including VAT).

The second phase, which was awarded to Mondo Ibérica for a price of almost 400 000 euros, will replace the lower retractable seating near the central court. This seating has been in operation since 1992 when the sports centre hosted the handball games during the Barcelona Summer Olympics.

The new lower part of the grandstand will also be retractable - the difference being that this time it will also be automated. When retrieved, it will uncover an additional handball court underneath it.

Although the new grandstand will have some 86 seats less than the previous one (for a total of 1220), the benefit is that this will allow for widening the entry points and emergency exits of the building. The Palau d’Esports inaugurated in 1991, has been serving as the home ground of BM Granollers handball club.



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