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Thebes urges citizens to help with its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

Thebes urges citizens to help with its Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

The plan seeks to facilitate movement for people of all abilities and reduce environmental degradation

Countries and cities have recently begun to prioritise sustainable mobility in an attempt to accelerate the green transition, protect the environment, and increase citizens’ quality of life. Now, the Greek Municipality of Thebes is joining them by working with local governments, specialised scientists, residents, and professionals to prepare a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan.

What are the aims of the new plan?

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is a comprehensive and ambitious strategic plan designed to improve mobility in the city. With its execution, the Municipality of Thebes seeks to facilitate the movement of people, goods, and services.

This plan will reportedly focus on 5 key issues. It will address chronic traffic problems to increase road safety and enhance accessibility to improve the quality of life for all citizens (especially vulnerable individuals). Taking this further, the strategic plan will utilise public financial resources effectively and efficiently while improving the attractiveness of the area, enhancing local development, and creating jobs. Most importantly, the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan will contribute to the reduction of pollution and environmental degradation.

Citizens and local associations must take part

Although the plan will be formulated alongside the government and experts, the Municipality of Thebes stresses the importance of citizens and local bodies taking part. More specifically, it has published a public invitation to all unions, civil companies, organisations, associations, and other parties, urging them to create a network of bodies that will have an advisory role. This network will be tasked with participating in the preparation and execution of the plan, providing consultation and data.

The aforementioned bodies are therefore encouraged to appoint a representative and a deputy who will help the Municipality of Thebes achieve its sustainable urban mobility goals. Those who are interested must apply to participate on the city’s website by 30 July.

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