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There is now a temporary portal to the ‘Stranger Things’ universe in Barcelona

There is now a temporary portal to the ‘Stranger Things’ universe in Barcelona

It’s free to visit but hurry up as it will only be there until 1 October

If you happen to be in Barcelona during the month of September, then why not head to the Movistar Center on Plaça Catalunya and feast your senses on an interactive and immersive exhibition based on the popular Netflix show Stranger Things.

The exhibit has already proved quite magnetic for the crowds, drawing in 110,000 visitors since it was set up in mid-August. What’s more, it’s actually free of charge (and available until 1 October) so you might want to go there early on to beat the lines.

Don’t keep the curiosity door locked

Visitors are first met by a lab worker in a hazmat suit who lays down the ground rules and builds excitement. Then, participants are taken through a series of tests to determine their supernatural mental abilities. In the way Eleven is tested in Stranger Things, you too can try controlling lights, levitating objects, and pushing metal balls – all with your mind.

Fans of "Strangers Things" will be then able to access the streets of Hawkins, be photographed next to replicas of the sets of the series and feel like one more member of the leading gang. During their tour, visitors will feel like Eleven herself as they are subjected to different tests to find out their paranormal powers: light control, levitation of objects and mental strength are some of these tests that will be carried out in the laboratory.

They will also be able to enjoy the recreational areas of the StarCourt shopping centre with eight arcade machines and a Creel House photo opportunity, and another with bicycles to take a photo or video with the protagonists.

The exhibition opens at 10:00 am daily and closes at 8:00 pm (except Sundays when it’s closed).

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