Ukrainian legendry singer Ruslana will perform at one of the free concerts in Vilnius on 24 August, Source: Vilnius Municipality

There will be a Ukrainian Independence Day Vilnius

There will be a Ukrainian Independence Day Vilnius

Due to the precarious security situation in Kyiv, this year the celebration of freedom will be held abroad, in a supportive place

This year, for Ukrainians the day 24 August will hold bitter-sweet connotations: on one hand it’s the country’s national Independence Day (from USSR) and on the other, it marks six months since Russia challenged that very independence with an ongoing invasion.

And since the situation in Kyiv will be less than ideal to hold a celebration (although a parade of captured Russian military ware is on the agenda there), Vilnius has stepped in to help organize a celebration of support tomorrow.

The Lithuanian capital has planned two events in the evening, which will feature famous Ukrainian and Lithuanian artists, who will entertain the audience free of charge. However, there’s also a humanitarian purpose to this.

The event, which will raise money for aid in Ukraine through voluntary donations, and is funded by the city of Vilnius, will feature top Ukrainian DJs ARTBAT, Miss Monique and 8kays who are travelling to Lithuania to perform. 

In conjunction with the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture

The above-mentioned artist will perform, starting at 17:00, near the White Bridge, where residents of Vilnius, guests and refugees from Ukraine will have the chance to dance to electronic music beats.

"Having sought freedom for a long time, we fully understand how important Independence Day is for Ukrainians this year, when they have been fighting for just that for half a year - for the right to be citizens of a free, independent country." The courage and determination of the Ukrainians is inspiring, and the least we can do is not to tire of providing them with all kinds of support," said Vilnius City Mayor Remigijus Šimašius.

On the same day from 19:00, another free concert of Lithuanian and Ukrainian artists will be held in the Vilnius Town Hall Square. The Lithuanian group "Thundertale", the Ukrainian group "Taruta", and the international men's choir "Unia" (artistic director Pavel Gonca) will play there. A special guess will be Ruslana, the legendary Ukrainian singer, winner of the 2004 Eurovision song contest and the world music award (as the best-selling Ukrainian artist).

According to Vice, the event has been organized with the support of the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture.

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