A muxbus taking children for a ride, Source: Loviisa Municipality

These child-friendly mobility devices are all the rage in Finnish cities

These child-friendly mobility devices are all the rage in Finnish cities

Muksubussi is nature-friendly, too, so they provide 2-in-1 benefit

Muksubussi sounds like a very Finnish word and indeed it refers to a very Finnish invention. Roughly translated as a “muxbus”, it is an electrically assisted bicycle that is easy and light to transport up to eight children at a time. The vehicle has been gaining popularity in Finnish cities for several years now, as it is considered both a more sustainable means of transport, but also a perfect way to instil a habit among the youngest ones for clean travelling.

Muksubussi offers kindergartens the opportunity to expand the learning environment and increase local hiking. Even just riding is an experience for children," says project coordinator Tuuli Tepponen from the Early Childhood Active Life project in Espoo, quoted by the municipal website.

The muxbuses are seen as something fun for the kids and taking a ride on them is something they look forward to. They also get to associate it with nature outings, hiking and well-being, all the hallmarks of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Flexible and adaptive mode of transport

Since these pedal-driven ‘buses’ are much smaller, they can also reach more places close to nature thanks to their access to cycling paths. This removes the need for making transfers from the kindergarten to a bus to another vehicle and so on. The muksubussi thus save time and allow more freedom for nature-based activities with the young ones.

The daycare centres in the town of Loviisa, for example, have purchased these vehicles with the help of state grants. The guardians ask all of the parents for permission to transport the children in this way and the kids are also equipped with helmets for safety.

The muxbus is covered, so you can use it regardless of the weather. Riding an electric bicycle is no different from a traditional bicycle, you just have to remember to charge the battery.



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