Artelot application, Source: City of Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki unveils AR application promoting the city’s culture and history

Thessaloniki unveils AR application promoting the city’s culture and history

Artelot allows residents and tourists to bring 25 landmarks to life

This year, the City of Thessaloniki has implemented several projects to promote its rich history and cultural heritage using modern technology. Taking a case in point, it recently installed 450 smart signs equipped with QR codes and Near-Field Communication technology around the city. With these signs, the municipality gave tourists and residents the ability to learn about the ancient history of Thessaloniki.

Now, it has unveiled yet another digital development that will teach people about the city’s past; that is, it has joined forces with the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the Thessaloniki Convention Bureau to launch “Artelot”: an augmented reality application.

Bringing the city to life

Using Artelot, individuals can visit 25 sites in the city, each of which is marked with a green rectangle on a map. At the locations, they can use the Artelot application to read about the site’s history, take photographs, and be photographed alongside various figures that have been created using AR.

Some of the sites and landmarks included in the application are the Ancient Market, Statue of Aristotle, Galerius Palace, Pasha Gardens, Saint David, and Liberty Square.

Artelot is currently available for download on IOS devices and will be free to use for two years. What is more, it is available in both Greek and English.

A centre of innovation

The municipality explained its aims in a press release, noting that it seeks to use the new application to strengthen its reputation as a centre of innovation. Beyond this, it wants to teach people about the city’s rich history and attract more tourists.

While the municipality is primarily using the application to highlight the city’s past, it is also using it to show citizens how the digital and analog worlds can be interconnected in the future.



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