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This Belgian town will pay you to protect your home from burglars

This Belgian town will pay you to protect your home from burglars

And it will also advise you on the right way to do this

Residents of the Belgian city of Aalst who want to protect their home against burglary can qualify for a security premium and have part of the expenses covered, local authorities informed recently. The financial help is meant to cover a quarter of the purchasing amount of the theft-preventive appliances for the home or up to 150 euros.

A simple step can have a big impact on home security

There are some conditions to be meant in order to make use of the funds for increased security of the home, authorities further point out. These include:

  • the location - there must be physical access to the property from the outside, which makes it vulnerable to burglary. Also, the measure applies to properties based in Aalst only;
  • the type of appliance – it must be aimed at improving the organizational and physical security of the home. Alarm systems and surveillance cameras are not covered;
  • must be requested by the owner or tenant of the property.

Financial assistance to insure one’s home is only one of the measures that the city offers. On top of that and as a condition to receiving it, homeowners (or tenants) must make an appointment with the theft prevention advisor of the Local Police. He will then take a tour of the property and analyse the most sensitive areas – a lock that is too light, a window that does not close properly, etc.

The inspector will then advise on extra security measures to be taken. Based on said recommendations, the applicant can then proceed to implement the measures and receive up to 15% of the costs back.

After having secured their home, the advisor might decide to carry out a new inspection and consult on the improvements. Should they give the green light, the city will authorise the disbursement of the funds.



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