Harmanli has an official snake catcher, Source: Harmanli Municipality

This Bulgarian town has hired a snake hunter

This Bulgarian town has hired a snake hunter

Still, the aim is not to harm the animals and they will be released at another spot after capture

There’s a new employee at the small Bulgarian municipality of Harmanli, but rather than file endless papers at a desk or deal with lines of waiting customers at the front desk, the task of Vladimir Gochev will be a little bit more unusual – catching snakes.

The town’s official snake hunter will work seasonally and with the arrival of spring this is when he will have to start being on the lookout for the crawling reptiles as they come out of their hibernation hideouts.

Serpent service

Reptile encounter reports have become increasingly common in the southern Bulgarian town over the past year, and it looks like it’s become more frequent that people may stumble upon snakes in the street or in their gardens.

That's why the mayor of Harmanli, Maria Kirkova, decided to conclude a contract with Vladimir Gochev - an officially licensed snake hunter.

The service will be available to all settlements on the municipal territory and residents can call the snake catcher, who will come and remove the animal free of charge as part of his duties.

The wellbeing of the snakes is also being considered and once caught the animals will be safely released in a distant location that is not populated by humans.

Either way, experts advise that people should avoid wading in tall grass and brushlands. If they encounter snakes the best thing is to avoid touching them and to keep calm letting the animal go on its way without disturbing it.



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