The promo poster for Braga's International Youth Day 2022, Source: Municipality of Braga

This is how Braga will celebrate International Youth Day this year

This is how Braga will celebrate International Youth Day this year

Free swimming pools and free public transport, but even more importantly a space for free expression of ideas

Tomorrow, 12 August, is International Youth Day and the Portuguese city of Braga has organized a full day of fresh activities and benefits that will stimulate the local youth to lead healthier lives and to become more engaged as citizens.

Comprehensive plan for a fun day out

The Municipality of Braga would like to see its young residents get out, get active and enjoy the summer day. For this purpose, the local public transit network (TUB) will be free of charge for people up to the age of 30.

Then once they venture out of their homes, young people will have the option to visit a public swimming pool, also free of charge after presenting their Citizen Card. The facilities include the two municipal swimming pools of Rodovia and Parretas. In addition, youngsters can head to the pools of the various Parishes of the Municipality that, in collaboration with the Braga authorities, are promoting this initiative.

These are the pools of Arentim, Celeirós, Dume, Ferreiros (in the afternoon), Lamas, Merelim São Pedro, Nogueira, Padim da Graça, Passos São Julião and Sobreposta.

On the other hand, there is also an event for the youth who are more conscious-minded. Called “Youth is not Invisible” (A Juventude Não É Invisível), this is an initiative organized downtown by the Youth Red Cross, with the support of the City Council. During the day, all young people who want to share their ideas, as well as defend their points of view, will have a space there to do so. 

Everyone will be able to participate in this activity, which will also take place at the national level, showing that the Youth of Braga has an Active Voice. 

The day will end at the Braga Youth Center (CJB), where from 18:00 the FAJUB (Federation of Youth Associations of the District of Braga), with the cooperation of the Municipality and the CJB, will hold a “Sunset Party”. 

More than just a mere bash, there will be space for music (DJ João Couto), conversation and debate (Conversas de Juventude), and animation (F1 Simulator by Startup Inygon).

We would also like to remind you that later this year the Braga administration will demonstrate its commitment to youth issues with the participation of Mayor Ricardo Rio at a high-level workshop, part of the European Week of Regions and Cities 2022. The workshop, organized by TheMayor.EU in partnership with the European Youth Forum, will also feature EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel. You can check it out online on 12 October at 14:30 (CET).



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