La Barceloneta enjoys a prime location at the seafront of Barcelona, Source: Depositphotos

This is the most expensive Spanish neighbourhood for rental living

This is the most expensive Spanish neighbourhood for rental living

It’s charming, full of history and character and surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea

Barcelona’s old fishing quarter – La Barceloneta – is officially the neighbourhood with the highest housing rental rates in Spain. The information comes from an analysis released at the end of last week by property website idealista, so you know it’s based on concrete data.

The triangular-shaped barrio, which juts out slightly into the Mediterranean Sea, used to be a fishermen’s quarter in the distant past but these days it’s in the throes of gentrification thanks to its narrow-street charms. Being the district with the most accessible beach in the city doesn’t hurt either; plus there are plenty of bars, restaurants and a lively nightlife scene.

Plus being part of the medieval core of the city, La Barceloneta is unlikely to ever change and experience high-rise urban development, which will ensure that its atmosphere will remain encoded into the Barcelona DNA. People willing to make it their home, at least temporarily, should expect to pay 26.7 euros per square metre per month, on average. For a 40 m2 flat that runs up to more than a thousand euros per month.

Still, apparently, that’s not the record for that neighbourhood, which has seen prices of 27.1 euros per square metre in the near past.

Inflation bites the housing market in Spain

According to the report, the rental market in Spain has continued to be battered by inflation, with September clocking in a 9.3% increase on a year-to-year basis.

A total of 21 provincial capitals marked "historic highs in the ninth month of the year". Barcelona stayed in the lead overall, as well (20 euros per square meter), followed by Madrid (17.7 euros per sq m), San Sebastián (16.9 euros per sq m), Palma de Mallorca (14.6 euros per sq m) and Bilbao (13.2 euros per sq m).

In terms of geographical distribution of the 50 most expensive rental neighbourhoods, you’ll find the majority of these in the two largest cities: Madrid (with 24) and Barcelona (18).



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