Come to think of it, the Obidos walls look like waves, too, Source: Depositphotos

This Portuguese medieval town aims to become a surfers' paradise

This Portuguese medieval town aims to become a surfers' paradise

The Iberian country seeks to entice practitioners of this sport with artificial waves, in addition to the ones in the ocean

Obidos is a charming medieval walled town, which attracts many visitors to Portugal, which seek to steep into some historical context. At the start of the week, the local municipality unveiled concrete plans to attract another group of tourists, who aren’t necessarily known as history buffs – surfers.

The plan is to build a tourist village called Surf Park offering 144 beds in 56 units and to have it operational in 2026. This may sound like an interesting but also an expected development for a country whose Atlantic coast is famous as a surfer’s paradise – especially so in the stretch between Nazare and Ericeira.

That is until you consider the fact that Obidos municipality is mostly located inland and only has a water border with Lagoa de Obidos – a sprawling lagoon, which is great for waddling through but the only waves it produces are ripples that wouldn’t challenge even a rubber duckie.

That is why Surf Park will feature what will possibly be the first artificial wave pool in Portugal. Plans for building a similar facility have also been announced in Seixal near Lisbon, but no clear deadline for its opening has been mentioned.

Surf’s Up, Portugal!

As for the Obidos Surf Park, in fact, the initial soft opening is slated for 2025 before fully opening doors the following year.

The development seeks to diversify the country’s image as a surfer’s destination by offering a more consistent product to these thrill seekers. The resort will also feature a restaurant, a surf shop, several skate parks, paddle tennis courts and beach tennis, a surf school, a wellness space, landscaped green areas, a bicycle track, and an area for corporate events.

And in line with modern standards, the environmental impact has not been omitted either. The artificial wave pool will be energy and water-efficient.



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