Ollolai is rich in Sardinian folkloric culture, Source: Pexels

This Sardinian town lets digital nomads rent a house for 1 euro

This Sardinian town lets digital nomads rent a house for 1 euro

In exchange, remote workers are expected to share some of their knowledge and skills with the local community

“Work from Ollolai” – this is the name of a programme that was launched last year by a small Sardinian town. It invites remote workers to come visit, settle in for a month and enjoy staying in local accommodation…for the price of 1 euro.

The small town is located smack in the middle of the Mediterranean island and counts less than 1,300 people as its inhabitants. It also participates in the 1 Euro Houses programme that’s become a landmark innovative scheme in Italy to turn back the tide on rural flight and has attracted a lot of attention worldwide.

However, “Work from Ollolai” is a separate initiative and unrelated to the 1 Euro Houses scheme despite the price similarity. The local government has decided that having digital nomads around can be of use to the community even if their presence is only temporary.

Exchange of skills and knowledge         

The Ollolai town council offers remote working professionals 1 or 2-bedroom apartments in local houses for the symbolic price of 1 euro. Although the plan is to do this for one month, there is a caveat that depending on individual cases the stay can be extended if both parties find it beneficial, decided on a case-by-case basis.

The community is thus willing to welcome professionals from different walks of life who are also willing to act as mentors and provide presentations, lectures and workshops to the local residents who would be curious to find out more about modern digital professions and cultural exchanges.

The authorities aim to boost the global exchange between local people and the world with the hope that it will be fruitful for everyone involved.

The programme has reportedly been attracting a lot of interest from participants from all around the world. If you’re interested in applying, you can fill the form here.



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