Florence Reuter, Source: Commune de Waterloo

Three questions to women in politics: Florence Reuter, Mayor of Waterloo

Three questions to women in politics: Florence Reuter, Mayor of Waterloo

On the occasion of the upcoming Women's Day, we talk to female Mayors about their profession

Born in Malmédy on December 20th, 1969, Florence Reuter is married and mother of three children. Graduated in journalism and communication from the Free University of Brussels, she has a career in journalism, before becoming a politician in 2007. This is her second term as a Mayor of the historical town of Waterloo.

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Do you think that women's voice in politics is sufficiently valued in today's critical conversations?

No, but this is not only in the political field, but in all socio-professional fields. This mainly concerns positions with high responsibilities.

In your opinion, what quality, inherent only to women, makes them good leaders?

My feeling in all the different assemblies where I sat (federal, regional, college and communal council) is that women go more to the essential, they are more pragmatic. Women of my generation are less driven by a thirst for power but more by the desire to improve and make things happen.

What does your typical work day look like?

There are no two similar days and it is specific to politics. The days are very dynamic, filled with unforeseen events. This may explain why some women do not dare to engage in politics.

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