Timisoara is the European Capital of Culture 2021 for Romania

Timisoara is the European Capital of Culture 2021 for Romania

The budget for the project preparing the city for holding the title is 48.5 million euros

Timișoara is the second Romanian city to be chosen as a European Capital of culture after Sibiu was granted the title in 2007. The challenges, with which the Romanian city is faced today, however, are even greater.  

"It's a huge responsibility. We are aware that the hardest part is yet to come" said Nicolae Robu, Mayor of Timișoara after the winner was announced. He added that the budget for the project to prepare the city for holding the title is 48.5 million euros. Some 20 million euros have to come from the local council, 5 million from the County Council, 1.5 million from the European Commission, and the rest from the state budget.

Timișoara is already a part of one of the most ambitious cultural projects of the European Union, giving EU neighbours the opportunity to learn more about each other’s cultures through cultural dialogue.

Timișoara is a multicultural city, being the home of 21 different ethnicities and 18 religions. Interculturality has long been a special characteristic for the western part of the country. In this regard, 2021 will be a perfect possibility for the city to improve its reputation and to find new development opportunities.

Numerous performances, workshops, conferences and tour guides

2021 will be marked by numerous performances, workshops, conferences and guided tours. These and lots of other activities will bring the cultural richness of Timișoara into focus. As the beautiful city is going to attract many visitors from across Europe and beyond, the mix of languages spoken and the activities around town are planned to be just as diverse, colourful and exciting.

The concept for Timisoara as cultural capital is inspired by the metaphor of light  “Shine your light – Light up your city!”, which refer to the fact that this was the first place in mainland Europe to have electric street lighting. This is the reason why the Timisoara 2021 European Capital of Culture Association is sending everyone an invitation to join a journey through light and dark spaces, with three key elements: people, places and connections.



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