A 30 km/h road sign in Amsterdam, Source: Amsterdam Municipality

Today, Amsterdam starts preparing introduction of 30 km/h limit

Today, Amsterdam starts preparing introduction of 30 km/h limit

The official date of implementation is 8 December, but the authorities are already setting up the change with targeted road signs

On 8 December 2023, 80% of Amsterdam will become a 30km/h-zone, but rather than enforcing a sudden change overnight, the authorities have started preparing the ground so drivers can transition to the new rules smoothly.

Today, the local government began adjusting the road markings and installing “preparatory” road signs. All the streets, which will have the new speed limit from December will feature signs with the following message on them: “December 8, 30 km/h here”.

That message is written on a sticker, which will be swiftly removed when the date arrives to reveal the new speed limit underneath.

Setting the traffic mood early

City officials have decided to take this approach as a way to show solidarity with the drivers, but an understanding of human psychology seems to be in play as well.

The authorities have also indicated that they will be doing some transformations to the traffic lanes on the targeted streets. They will create special public transport lanes, where buses will still be able to drive at 50 km/h, which is the current speed limit for all traffic in the Dutch capital.

Ledges will be placed to separate the public transit from general traffic lanes. These will consist of tires. The neighbourhoods will be informed about the work and the possible consequences for traffic.

The aim of the speed reduction measure is to ensure a safer and quieter urban environment.

At 30 kilometres per hour, the braking distance is twice as short (13 metres) as it is at 50 kilometres per hour (27 metres). This can reduce serious accidents by up to 30%. What’s more, even if a pedestrian is involved in an accident at that speed his chance of survival is 95%.

You can consult this online map of the streets that will be subject to the speed reduction in December.



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