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Today, Paris unveils David Bowie Street

Today, Paris unveils David Bowie Street

You will find it in the 13th arrondissement where the music icon reportedly held one of his first concerts

Once Parisian authorities name a street, they’re very reluctant to change its name. Luckily new streets are added to the urban landscape thanks to development and that way modern important figures can also get to be honoured.

The latest case in point is Rue David Bowie, a small street which is officially unveiled today with special events. It will be a nice tribute to the legacy of the stellar musician and pop icon whose art and image have inspired several generations, even after his death eight years ago. In fact, today it’s David Bowie’s birthday and he would’ve turned 77, and two days from now it will be the anniversary of his passing.

Rue David Bowie is located in the 13th arrondissement, in the Salpêtrière neighbourhood. It was built as part of the Paris Rive Gauche urban development together with several other streets, which also get the names of artists from the 20th century.

Honouring the talent of David Bowie

Actually, the decision for the naming of the street was taken by the Paris City Council in 2020, which was an exception to the common rule that this act is permissible only after a minimum of 5 years since the death of the person has passed.

And if you’re wondering what Paris has to do with the legacy of David Bowie, the answer comes from Jérôme Soligny, French friend and biographer of the musician.

“In the winter of 1966, he was still called David Jones and sang in different groups. He came to sing in Paris at the Golf Drouot and the Bus Palladium – two clubs which no longer exist – as part of an exchange with London musicians,” explains Mr Soligny, who will be present at the unveiling and will deliver a few words.

According to those who knew him, the rocker loved France so much that, although he refused honours in his country of origin, he agreed to accept the Commander of Arts and Letters honour there. Paris was also where he met and proposed to his wife – Iman.

There will be a concert and a painting exhibition dedicated to the late musician tonight, at the district town hall and the Athena Gallery, respectively.



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