Milan will nevertheless see some labour action today as well, Source: Depositphotos

Trade unions postpone Italy’s transport strike to 15 December

Trade unions postpone Italy’s transport strike to 15 December

It’s all turning into a game of wits between the country’s transport ministry and the public transit workers

Today, Italy was supposed to be in the grip of a full-blown public transport strike, however, the trade unions behind the labour action announced during the weekend that they will postpone the protest until 15 December.

The change in plans comes as a direct response to Italy’s transport minister Matteo Salvini’s plans to issue an injunction to reduce the duration of the labour walkout from 24 hours to only four, something he’s done before.

As such, the labour dispute between the government and the trade unions is turning into a protracted war of wits in a sense, where each side is using whatever regulatory powers it has as leverage, and ultimately it’s the commuting public that suffers.

Adjust your travel plans to avoid 15 December

The newly rescheduled dispute, 10 days before Christmas, is set to affect bus, subway and tram services, with strike timetables varying in Rome, Milan and other cities across Italy, much the same way the original strike was designed.

Minister Salvini’s argument went on to say that strikes in Italy have been becoming too common in recent times, inconveniencing the public, by being scheduled either on the first or last working days.

The trade unions rejected the allegations and, on their part, called the minister’s actions “illegitimate”. In a joint statement, they also insist that Salvini’s actions are an “insult to the exercise of their constitutional right”.

The organizations representing the public transit workers are demanding better pay, improved working conditions and safety, plus they reject privatization in the sector.

Some public transit services will still be affected today, though

Nevertheless, some strike actions are expected to take place today despite the postponement.

ATM, Milan’s public transit operator, will experience disruptions in services from 18:00 to 22:00. Cotral bus services in the Lazio region will also be affected throughout the entire day, except for the period between 17:00 and 20:00.



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